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Who's this book for?


Homemade for Sale is the comprehensive and accessible reference guide for home-cooks unacquainted with the operation of a small business as well as more detailed information for business-savvy, but first-time food entrepreneurs.


Budding home kitchen entrepreneurs come in many persuasions and myriad motivations. 


Which one best defines you?


•  Dream-catcher, eager to fulfill a life-long dream of running a small food enterprise.


•  Enthusiastic home baker, possibly with seasonal specialty items you want to share with your community.


• Stay-at-home mom wanting to earn extra income while keeping an eye on the kids.


•  Someone with food sensitivities or allergies, who, after years of struggle, has found delicious recipes that work for you and might work for others, too.


•  Dedicated locavore foodie, wanting to make a difference in the local food movement beyond your shopping habits.


• Retiree looking to stay relevant and active, plus make a little extra “fun money.”


• Specialty cake and wedding cake maker looking for a chance to share your artistic talent and creative flair.


• Farmer looking to diversify your business by offering bread and other items at farmers’ markets to boost your revenue.


• Economic survivalist who has found that Plan B, despite a college degree, is the new Plan A.


• Career changer from breadwinner to bread baker, looking to test your food-based dream before you quit your day job.


•  People between jobs and searching for quick ways to earn some cash to pay the bills.


You could be part of a growing movement of people starting small food businesses from their home. No capital needed, just good recipes, enthusiasm and commitment, plus enough know-how so that you can turn ingredients into sought-after treats for your local community. Everything required is probably already in your home kitchen. 


Best of all, you can start tomorrow!

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