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6 Steps for Writing a Press Release


A press release succinctly communicates key information to journalists as to why your story is newsworthy. As we touch upon in HOMEMADE FOR SALE, a publication may even print your press release verbatim if it's well written and they are crunched for time, so make sure it reads as a stand-alone article, written in the third-person.

STEP 1: Use action oriented verbs
Describe your cottage food operations using active verbs like "transformed, restored, and spearheaded."

STEP 2: Highlight and quantify contributions
When possible, showcase with numbers the contributions your cottage food operations have made to your community.  Feature the innovative strategies that have made your operations successful, perhaps by using locally secured strawberries for your jams and jellies.

STEP 3: How does your operation benefit your community?
Give before and after examples of how your operation has improved your local area, perhaps by offering a range of gluten-free baked goods where none existed before.

STEP 4: Mention awards and accomplishments
Example: For their unique flavors and fruit combinations, ABC Jams & Jellies received the Good Food Award in November, 2015.

STEP 5: Offer powerful trend data
The press often needs to quantify your success. Try and offer powerful trend data that might help sell the newsworthiness of your unique, small batch or artisan products.  Try to use real numbers rather than anecdotal statements.

Example: Just three years after opening a gluten-free bakery, ABC Gluten-free Bakery's customer base has grown over 25 percent and profits soared over 50 percent as a result of the premium prices paid by customers who preferred their higher quality, gluten free baked goods.

STEP 6: Include quotes and testimonials
When print journalists work on stories, they often cover several viewpoints. Therefore, try to incorporate one or two quotes to accomplish this in your release.
Example:  "I've never tasted a more delicious jam than those I've purchased from ABC Jam & Jellies," says award-winning cookbook author Jane Jones, who regularly shops at the XYZ Farmers' Market.


Portions of this Sample Press Kit were originally made possible by Renewing the Countryside, a non-profit organization that strengthens rural areas by championing those who are renewing the countryside through sustainable and innovative initiatives, businesses and projects, as well as the National Coalition of Sustainable Agriculture.

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