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Sample Bylaws for a state Cottage Food Association


Start a state Cottage Food Association to connect with others and advance the laws in your state. Besides networking with other cottage food operators together in your state, you will need to create bylaws for the new state cottage food association you form.

"An unincorporated association is a group of persons forming an organization for a common purpose other than making a profit. Most states will grant tax-exempt status to such organizations but each state has its own process and requirements for obtaining such status. The main difference between an unincorporated association and a nonprofit corporation is legal liability. The members of the unincorporated association can be held directly liable for the actions of the association. The bylaws of the organization govern the day-to-day operations. They should include articles that cover at least the following areas; Organization; Purpose; Membership; and Officers." -- Drew Nelson, Bizfluent


Download this sample by-law for forming your state cottage

food association that can be adapted and suited to your needs.



As a template, the by-laws are intended as a starting point

in order to create by-laws specific for your situation in your state. 


For more resources and additional background, see Bizfluent.

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