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Sample Press Release Template


The press release template is below is designed to serve as an example.  We've also provided 6 Easy Steps for Writing a Press Release that should be reviewed first, before working on your press release. 


Change the highlighted text below with details specific to your cottage food business and situation.  The quote, however, from Lisa Kivirist, co-author of HOMEMADE FOR SALE, can be used as is, if you'd like.


Your name:  Cookiepreneur Bobbi
Business Name: Cookies by Bobbi
Phone number:  123-456-7890
Facebook or other social media page:

Headline: Cookiepreneur Bakes Profits and Builds a Stronger Local Economy

TOWN NAME, STATE (USE CAPITAL LETTERS):  A new generation of cookiepreneurs , jam-makers and cake bakers are satisfying the hunger for artisanal, homemade food products, all made in the owners' home kitchens.  Thanks to the "cottage food law" in the State of ABC, known as BILL 12345 passed in 20XX, food entrepreneurs, like Cookiepreneur Bobbi of Cookies by Bobbi, can launch a business from their home kitchen.

Turns out, more Americans than ever before are interested in local, artisanal and specialty food products, according to the National Specialty Food Association.  And they're willing to pay top dollar for the great-tasting, hand-decorated treats made in small batches by Bobbi, who always dreamed of owning her own bakery.  

Since 20XX, Cookies by Bobbi has been running a (insert short business description) home-based cottage food operation, specializing in hand-decorated cookies and artisanal sweet breads. Her baked goods are available at the Saturday XYZ-town Farmers' Market.

(Quote from business owner):  "At Cookies by Bobbi, I'm committed to producing only the highest quality, hand-decorated cookies," explains Cookiepreneur Bobbi, who is a State Fair Blue Ribbon winner with her cookies, three years in a row.  "By providing unique and scrumptious cookies for Town Name, I love see the smile on my customers' faces.  Baking for neighbors and community members gives me so much satisfaction."

(Paragraph describing upcoming event/current news tie-in):  Area residents can try Cookies by Bobbi first hand next Saturday, July 23, at the annual Summer Harvest Festival, a free day-long event where area residents can engage in a range of activities, including a "tasting tour" and play in a maze made out of strawbales.

"Finally, 'homemade' and 'fresh from the oven' on the package can mean exactly what it says," says Lisa Kivirist, co-author of HOMEMADE FOR SALE (, the first authoritive guide for people who want to start a successful food business from their home kitchen.  Depending on the state's cottage food law, it encourages home cooks to create and sell a variety of "non-hazardous" food items, often defined as those that are either high-acid, like jams, jellies and pickles, or low moisture, like breads, cakes and cookies.  "Perhaps emerging from the farm-to-table and farmers' market movements, the cottage food industry is really starting to take off.  It showcases local flavors, unique ingredient combinations and the creative flair of the cottage food operators themselves who put the quality and taste of their products above all else.  These food entrepreneurs love what they do.  That care and the hand-made quality of what they produce comes through with every bite."

For more information on Cookies by Bobbi, see or call Cookiepreneur Bobbi at 123-456-7890.

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