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Table of Contents for HOMEMADE FOR SALE


Introduction: Cottage Food Freedom

Cottage Food Freedom

Work Your Passion for Food

First-timer or Seasoned Pro?

It’s Thyme. Why Now?

Key Elements of Cottage Food Laws

Organization of this Book


Section 1: What’s Cooking?


Chapter 1: Navigating your State’s Cottage Food Law

Tips for Understanding a Cottage Food Law


Chapter 2: What’s Cooking?

What products can you sell?

Where can you sell your products?

How are you allowed to sell your products?

How much can you sell of your products?

Deciding what products you want to sell and which are worth selling


Chapter 3: Ideas in the Oven: Identify your Business Goals

My kitchen, my rules

Recipe for success

CFO self-assessment


Section 2: Selling Your Story: Marketing


Chapter 4: Product Development: Design, Name, Logo and Packaging

Niche, target, and positioning

Product design and attributes


Chapter 5: Getting the Right Price

Business expenses

Self-worth: valuing your time

Pricing your Product

Variable savings


Chapter 6: Moving your Product to Market

Sales venues: places to sell

Direct customer deliveries

Home pickup

Community events

Special events or weddings

Wholesale (indirect)

Mail order

Stay on target for a bull’s-eye


Chapter 7: Promotion: Persuading Customers with Advertising and Public Relations



Public Relations


Chapter 8: People, Partnerships and Purpose


Partnerships, networking and cause-related marketing

Purpose and passion


Chapter 9: Proving the Market and Getting a Plan

Market feasibility: testing the market

Competitive analysis

Planning for profits

The back-of-the-napkin plan

Organizing, planning, and managing the business


Section 3: Organizing, Planning and Managing the Business


Chapter 10: Ready, Set, Go: Organize your Kitchen

Five Steps for setting up your home processing facility


Chapter 11: Make it Legal: Establish your Business in 7 Easy Steps


Chapter 12: Day-to-Day Financial Management

Day-to-day financial management

Income statement and balance sheet

Expenses defined

Bookkeeping basics

Cash flow is king

No cakewalk


Section 4: Scaling Up


Chapter 13: Scaling Up

First, a reality check

Casting off the shackles of the cottage food law

Wholesale expansion

State prerequisites for wholesale and mail order

Three options for a licensed food production facility


Chapter 14: Multiple Markets and Money Matters

Markets, markets everywhere

From handmade to mechanized

Labeling for the big leagues

Pricing and distribution revisited: a whole new formula

Magnifying your marketing

Raising some dough

Keep tabs


Epilogue: Icing on the Cake

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