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Press Kit for Cottage Food Operators


As we write about in HOMEMADE FOR SALE, a press kit (also called a media kit) provides the media with quick and easy access to concise information about your cottage food operation. The press kit is important because writers and reporters are busy people, often writing on deadline. The easier you can make their job, the more likely they will include your operation or products in their piece and call on you in the future as a source.

Consider the press kit your "public showroom" where you can control how your cottage food operation is portrayed to the media. The goal of the elements of this kit is to entice the reporter to call for more information and an interview. The kit also provides opportunity for the reporter to quickly fact check their piece to make sure they have accurate information on your operation.


Press Kit Key Elements


1. Business Fact Sheet

Quick and concise overview of key business information, like when it started, products produced and places you sell your specialty food items.


2. Cottage Food Operator Biography

As explored in detail in HOMEMADE FOR SALE, selling your story is a big part of marketing your products.  By sharing an interesting and engaging biography provides a nice starting point for the media to better understand who you are, what talents you have and why you started your business.  It provides a "human interest" aspect of a story some journalists might like to develop.


3.  High Quality Photography

Include a page with a sample of low-resolution photos. Add a link for the media to contact you directly if high resolution photos or additional photo options are needed.  Please see the Tips for Great Photos sheet.  If you can capture some high resolution, digital video, so-called "b-roll," all the better; this video footage could be used if you attract TV broadcast media interest.


4.  Press Release about your Business and Products

A press release provides an overview of a newsworthy aspect of your business, whether your business is starting up, a special vendor at a local farmers' market or perhaps an award received for one of the products you make.  Review the 6 Easy Steps for Writing a Press Release and then consider using the Cottage Food Business Starter Press Release Template to get you started.


5.  News Articles and Online Press Links

Keep a list of media links about your cottage food operation.  Share them online or on your social media page, if you have one.  This may help build credibility for your operation.


Portions of this Sample Press Kit were originally made possible by Renewing the Countryside, a non-profit organization that strengthens rural areas by championing those who are renewing the countryside through sustainable and innovative initiatives, businesses and projects, as well as the National Coalition of Sustainable Agriculture.

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