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For appearance and presentation inquiries, please contact Lisa Kivirist directly at: lisa (at) innserendipity (dot) com or call 608-329-7056.


Learn more about Lisa and John's speaking credentials, as well as topics on which they regularly speak.

Review Lisa and John's upcoming speaking appearances.


Media Interview Requests


For media interview requests, please contact Lisa Kivirist directly at: lisa (at) innserendipity (dot) com or call 608-329-7056.




















Review Copies


An electronic/digital review copy of HOMEMADE FOR SALE can be downloaded from Edelweiss.


Review copy requests for printed books may be sent to New Society Publishers publicity manager EJ Hurst at 800-567-6772 x121 or by email at ej (at) newsociety (dot) com.



About Lisa Kivirist


As a pioneer in the cottage food industry, both covering the national movement for publications as well as championing for the passage of a "Cookie Bill" in Wisconsin, Lisa Kivirist is on the cusp of the latest trends. She is the instructor for the bestselling online Udemy course, How to Set Up and Market a Food Business from your Home Kitchen. Lisa and her husband, John Ivanko, are authors or co-authors of fifteen books between the two of them, national speakers and recognized spokespeople for national media.  In addition to Homemade for Sale, Lisa has co-authored Soil Sisters, ECOpreneuring, Rural Renaissance and Farmstead Chef.

Lisa Kivirist serves as a Senior Fellow, Endowed Chair in Agricultural Systems for the Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture at the University of Minnesota and served as a distinguished IATP Food and Community Fellow.


                    Download Lisa's bio in pdf format.



                   Download a high resolution photo of Lisa.


About John D. Ivanko


Together with his wife, Lisa Kivirist, John is a national speaker, marketing consultant and co-author of the award-winning ECOpreneuring as well as Homemade for Sale, Farmstead Chef and Rural Renaissance. He is also the co-author and photographer for six award-winning multicultural children's books for the Global Fund for Children, including To Be a Kid, Be My Neighbor and To Be an Artist. As a freelance writer and photographer, John has contributed to Reuters, National Geographic Traveler, Mother Earth News, Natural Awakenings, and many others.

John is a farmer and innkeeper, with Lisa Kivirist, of the award-winning Inn Serendipity Bed & Breakfast, completely powered by renewable energy.



                    Download John's bio in pdf format.



                   Download a high resolution photo of John.



High Resolution JPGs:

                   Download Homemade for Sale (first edition) cover art.


                   Download Homemade for Sale (first edition) cover art.



                   Download a high resolution photo of John and Lisa.





                   Download photo of Inn Serendipity Bed & Breakfast and Farm.





                   Download Farmstead Chef cover art.






                   Download ECOpreneuring cover art.





                   Download Rural Renaissance cover art.


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