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Free Pick-up, Special (free) Delivery & Shipping Options

NOTE WHEN ORDERING: Make sure to select "Pickup" in the menu (Shipping/Pickup) at the time of ordering to avoid any shipping charge.


We offer several free pick-up or special (FREE) delivery options:

(1) Pick-up at Inn Serendipity Farm and Bed & Breakfast with prior arrangement.

(2) Free delivery within five miles of Monroe, Wisconsin.

Shipping charges are additional and is possible only within the State of Wisconsin for certain orders. All orders must be placed by December 5 to be received prior to Christmas; Inn Serendipity is not responsible for delays by the US Postal Service.

Of course, by the very definition of "homemade," these products are produced in a home kitchen. Our kitchen is not subject to licensing or inspection by the State of Wisconsin.

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