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Inn Serendipity® Fresh Baked

Homemade Bakery

Latvian Sourdough Rye Bread
Farmstead Butterhorn Rolls
Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins

Our Homemade Bakery

When we write “homemade,” we mean it. Lisa Kivirist is one of a team of three women farmers who successfully sued the State of Wisconsin -- twice -- over the fact that the existing ban on the sale of home baked goods was unconstitutional and influenced by big industry and special interests. 


Thanks to this “Freedom to Bake Caucus” with legal representation by the Institute for Justice, Wisconsin bakers throughout the state can finally bake and sell their amazing homemade baked goods. Savor democracy in action every time you bite into one of the baked treats handmade by Lisa and her family on their Wisconsin farm and bed & breakfast, Inn Serendipity.  Featuring organically grown, farm-raised and local ingredients, our baked goods represent more than a cookie or a loaf of bread. From melt-in-your-mouth, buttery sugar cookies to traditional European rye bread, we're eager to share the flavors from our kitchen.

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Baked wholesome goodness, with as many organic, local or sustainably-sourced ingredients as possible. That often means organic butter from Organic Valley Family of Farms, fair-trade and organic cocoa and sugar, and free range, farm-fresh eggs from area Soil Sisters farmer friends.


Quality can’t be compromised. The best products start with the best ingredients. You know, the ones you can pronounce. No preservatives or artificial flavors are used. Check out the items, like our Iced Pumpkin Cookies or chocolate chip pumpkin muffins, made with our pumpkins, grown organically in our growing fields at Inn Serendipity Farm and B&B.

Celebrating the freedom to earn.

C is for Cookies.

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